Ready to scale your freelance business?

You're in the right place :) After 4 years of refining my strategies to get clients, grow a team, and scale a multiple 6-figure business, I'm sharing ALL the tips, tricks, and strategies with you (think courses, workshops, templates, oh my!). 

Some of my favorite programs 🤗 I know you'll love them too!

Proposals That Sell Themselves

Confidently write high-converting proposals for your dream clients WITHOUT the procrastination, uncertainty, or frustration. This is your one-stop shop for finally being able to write irresistible proposals that actually convert your dream clients!


The Client Attraction Method

Stop wishing for clients and start planning for clients. Turn your freelance business into a thriving empire that lets you give yourself a raise, while bringing in an endless flow of high-quality clients. 


Sales Call Secrets Workshop

Not sure about your sales calls? I got you! Join this pre-recorded workshop to level up + ask your clients the right questions in the sales call AND position yourself as a premium service (so they feel like they want to pay MORE).


Productivity Systems

I'm sharing the tools and systems I use in my 6-figure+ business that have helped me get 1 full day back in my week. YES, that's 9 hours back. I'm going to be teaching you how to take advantage of free (and paid) tools so that you WORK LESS + GET MORE DONE. 


I help freelancers get more clients & scale to 6-figures.

Hey! I'm Avani. I'm on a mission to help freelancers get the freedom and the income they've been craving. I want YOU to live the #WorkFromAnywhere life and enjoy the 6-figure income you deserve. 


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